For the ten years I've known her, as a student, as a collaborator, and as a friend, Jen always over-delivers, enriching every interaction with her knowledge, expertise, curiosity and unwavering passion and energy.   To call hers a "yoga class" is like calling the Bible a "book."  The Goddess Pilgrimages are true journeys of wonder, history, self-discovery and appreciation of the feminine divine within.  To each endeavor, Jen invests her heart and soul, leaving the participant forever changed and inspired.

~ Kelly

Jen offers so much more than yoga, she pours her heart and soul into her life’s work and nurtures the soul. Jens dedication and passion for what she does shows in all aspects of her work and creates the ultimate experience. Whether you take a class, go on a retreat or attend a Red Tent event, you will be nourished in the most tender experience and will find yourself yearning for more.

~ Roxana

Jen is a gifted yoga teacher who brings to her teaching brilliant storytelling, mythology, history, and a balanced dose of spirituality and mysticism.  Add to that a never-ending amount of creativity, energy, and sense of adventure, topped with a passion for human rights, especially for women and children.   Added together this is a recipe for unparalleled journeys that will enlighten, enrich, and nourish the soul.

~ Julie