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Jacob’s Well

our drying dying rivers
so thirsty
obese children never satiated
dam her waters
new spawning ground for their social dis-eases
Her heart vessels constrict
from this civilization of man
who fear the power of Her flow

the great menopause of man
a man-o-pause
men! pause
amidst the frenzied building of your dams and walls and skyscrapers
swim to the deepest center of Her well
where Her sacred mysteries lie
and find Her ancient teachings there

for women know
in our time of change
the alchemical process:
how to take life blood
that once flowed freely
and transform it into singing rivers of freedom

look there, quick now
Her holy well an invitation
to submerge within Her loving waters
or watch the rising of her tides
until we drown

~jennifer sundeen, september 2017
to The Patriarch

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Owl Medicine


The owl calls my name
A train song low and long
Carried on the silent wings of night
While underneath the starched sheets of sorrow
Death births a thousand miracles

Tonight the full moon rises
A pearl on the ocean floor
The ebbing tide
Anchored in freedom
Too powerful to resist

The owl calls your name
Is your vision clear yet?
For it is only with owls’ eyes
We can see the luminous wonderment
In the grieving dark

~ jennifer sundeen, september 2016
For Mary Grace
Who saw so much goodness.

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When The Drummers Were Women

when the drummers were Women
the people danced on a Sacred Stone
and all time merged
earth water fire air flowing in and out of the aether
form pouring itself into the formless 
and back again

a circle of Goddesses
or were they Pilgrims
banged their simple drums
stone on stone
and magic imbued in sound
gave birth to Love

my dear One
close your eyes
feel your Root
let Yourself be moved
listen to the rhythm of Your heart-drum
keeping time making music

You too know how Love yearns to sing
for the Sacred Stone
is the very Earth beneath You
and You
You are the Divine Musician
who has made it all

~jennifer sundeen, june 2014