Welcome to Durga's Red Tent!


The last Sunday of each month on Zoom.


Join us for one or all of these special all-women evenings. Teach, learn, open your heart, heal, share, empower, strengthen, transform amongst a beautiful and supportive sacred community of sisters. Celebrate the courageous and radiant YOU in all ways!

Women have been gathering for wisdom and support since the dawn of time. The Red Tent Temple Movement is the name of a women’s circle inspired by Anita Diamante’s best-selling novel and begun by ALisa Starkweather. It has since grown into a worldwide grassroots movement, expanding in more towns throughout the globe each year. ALisa writes:

The Red Tent Temple is a day out of the month…to step out of a kind of world that keeps us occupied. Inside the Red Tent Temples, we give ourselves time to remember who we are at our very core, honoring that to do that remembering we must turn from our identities and roles towards the innermost temple of our own hearts. Come into the Red Tent Temple and stop for a breath and be in your body. In the quiet and sometimes celebratory company of wonderful women, feel. In what you feel, there is much that is waiting for you.

It is time. The women are ready to co-create a vision in the societies we live in and make a place among us where women are honored by honoring our own unique journeys of womanhood. A place for our elders and our young women. A place for us to come alive. Who knows where it will lead us? Women who are part of this important grassroots movement may never know what an important role they will play by bringing this into our culture at large. Now we are learning how. Join us in a revolutionary act. It is more than a woman’s circle. It is a deep learning process of unlearning the busy and finding the moment. <3

Please RSVP to jen@thedurgastudio.com or join our private and supportive Facebook page (Durga's Red Tent) if you would like to participate, have an offering to share, or would like more information.

Bring a sitting pillow, blanket, a mug, your mother, aunt, sister, friend, or daughter and join us! By donation; proceeds go to various Women’s charitable organizations. Can’t wait to see our sisters soon!