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Earth Music

this one thing i know:

i am not long for this world
none of us are
these luminous SelvesĀ 
who dwell in dancing houses
of freckled skin and thinning hair
we are simply the in-breath
of this great breathing universe
and soon exhaled
a sweet contraction
before the expansive release

and this i know too:

the april wind walks beside me
and River is singing Her rapture of Springtime
and the yellow ribbon snakes
the beavers
the robins
the chickadees
the mourning doves
the shagbark hickory
the swaying aspen
the puddles of afternoon light
have all come to listen

i cannot imagine having missed
this divine earth music
the honeyed song of Now
because i was too busy worrying
because i was too busy planning
because i was too busy accomplishing
because i was afraid

~ jennifer sundeen, april 2014