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Wild Daisies

hazy pools of four o’clock light
spilled onto our picnic blanket
the one you tie dyed in the back yard
orange popsicle bursts of summer

you sketched the swelling waves and seagulls
with your charcoal pencil
we read novels out loud
gossiped about movie stars
painted swirls of henna on our bodies
lazy cats stretched out on bellies
tanned limbs sprawled like golden rays of sun

it was the soft space in between dreaming and waking
and for a brief crystal moment you were happy
before the undertow dragged you beneath again
and out beyond reach

a jelly jar bouquet filled with queen ann’s lace
beach roses
blue thistles
and wild daisies

~jennifer sundeen, july 2017

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out of this sacred Love ocean
a wave arises
a thought
a reaction
an emotion
and seeking proper footing
it clamors toward solid ground

notice the infinite pattern
the great pull back towards Union
how it invariably returns to its Source
quietly merging with its Mother waters

this is it then:
to know Joy is to simultaneously
deeply submerge
and to sit upon the shore as the waves roll in
and listening
and breathing

~ jennifer sundeen, july 2014