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Jacob’s Well

our drying dying rivers
so thirsty
obese children never satiated
dam her waters
new spawning ground for their social dis-eases
Her heart vessels constrict
from this civilization of man
who fear the power of Her flow

the great menopause of man
a man-o-pause
men! pause
amidst the frenzied building of your dams and walls and skyscrapers
swim to the deepest center of Her well
where Her sacred mysteries lie
and find Her ancient teachings there

for women know
in our time of change
the alchemical process:
how to take life blood
that once flowed freely
and transform it into singing rivers of freedom

look there, quick now
Her holy well an invitation
to submerge within Her loving waters
or watch the rising of her tides
until we drown

~jennifer sundeen, september 2017
to The Patriarch

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Divine Mother

a man once offered
to reveal to me
the Divine Mother
said he could summon Her
to appear before me
as pure radiance manifest

he had learned this from his Guru
in India
in the ashram
and now the teachings of his teacher
must surely be shared
for the mere cost of $108

i appreciate the offer
i gently said
but from the moment
i open my eyes each morning
and see the trees greeting me outside my window
and hear the birds awaken at dawn

and throughout the day
as I exchange pleasantries
with the nice girl behind the coffee counter
hear the belly laugh of the toddler in aisle two
notice the adoring gaze of the lady walking her retriever
and her old dog’s joy as he rolls in the grass beneath him

and later
watching the shy deer eating the greenery
smelling the fallen leaves blanketing the earth
listening to the flute notes at the river’s edge
and the dancing rain making puddles in my driveway
as i return home

and each evening
when supper simmers
and my daughters play
and the night owl calls
and the stars delight
She is with me

in all things
in all moments
in all of creation
i see the Mother
and She is tenderly smiling and sweetly singing
and holding me in Her loving embrace

to find Her
i said
is easy
one need only open
the eyes of one’s heart
and truly see

the man stepped over
to the edge of the window
and peeked outside
as if afraid
She might really be there
after all

~ jennifer sundeen, november 2013