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Wild Daisies

hazy pools of four o’clock light
spilled onto our picnic blanket
the one you tie dyed in the back yard
orange popsicle bursts of summer

you sketched the swelling waves and seagulls
with your charcoal pencil
we read novels out loud
gossiped about movie stars
painted swirls of henna on our bodies
lazy cats stretched out on bellies
tanned limbs sprawled like golden rays of sun

it was the soft space in between dreaming and waking
and for a brief crystal moment you were happy
before the undertow dragged you beneath again
and out beyond reach

a jelly jar bouquet filled with queen ann’s lace
beach roses
blue thistles
and wild daisies

~jennifer sundeen, july 2017

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your greatest joy lies
where Now is born
inside of thought
underneath an ocean
of worry and fear
but to find it
you must merge with what Is
let the waves of being wash over you
let the current of life carry you

allow yourself to be breathed
become the noise
and the music
stand at the very place
where laughter and grief meet
jump into the center of the heartbeat
let a kiss devour you
let sunlight dissolve you

in each living moment
let your whole being become the moment
until you reach that place
where your inner and outer worlds
are no longer distinguishable
the center of the center
a space so expansive
a freedom so profound
a soul wide open

so that even when Chaos knocks sharply on your door
and insists on staying the night
and the sun flares its fiery tongues
and the planets spin in retrograde
dearest friend
you will be the one
dancing and singing
with the silent stillness
of pure joyous

~ jennifer sundeen, november 2013